How to Write a Liability Waiver to Release Liability?

To download the free Liability release form in PDF format, please click Free Liability Waiver.

Today’s lesson we’re gonna look at a form called a waiver and release liability so go ahead and take out your business document notes and right down any key features are things that are important about a waiver basically this is a way for a business to protect themselves from financial responsibilities so for example if you go to pump it up they have you sign a waiver because if you get hurt then that is on you to pay for so it provides a way for customers to show that they take full responsibility for any injuries that result from taking part in the activities it also allows companies to hire out contractors so maybe like a painting company needs extra workers in their busy season said the higher out contractors and basically the contractor signs the release and it releases the company from any financial responsibility if the contractors hurt or if the contractor damages the property while they’re on the job so it’s a way to protect company we’re gonna look it creating this form so a.m. any these forms they would be in the front office you would fill this out before you took place in an activity here before you started a job at school you have waivers that you sign release of liability.

When you go on field trips so we have a standard form that you have to is just protection for the business for the school district for whoever’s them heading at the activity okay so looking at the herb we r on lesson to so the first thing I’m gonna do you is a File Save As by now you should be very familiar with going to your folder and am making sure you’re saving in the right spot so this one is called waiver and release liability now if you notice when I type the underscore word will not let you Word PowerPoint Excel access will not let you save a file name with the spunky characters and the different all characters so make sure those are not in the title you may use that underscore which is shift and the line next to the number zero on the keyboard 7 click Save okay so looking at the their paper it’s a good idea to read through these before you actually start and they want a graphic but I’m gonna go and do the graphic a little bit later and let’s see skipping down to skipping past number three acres our pages set already ate half by eleven I’m gonna go to number four and I’m gonna leave the font coli Bri its professional-looking its easy to read and it will help keep all of my stuff on one page let’s see we want line spacing said it single spacing and less it tells you sell it cm1 line one at the documents over on line 1 and once these to be nine-point bold to change my font and also once these right align case and now those that information for the business is right where it should be in the top left hand corner and then insert a picture so I could at my Insert menu and click picture and I have all my pictures saved you should have your saved in the folder will go with this one now again.

Every time I work with the picture I need to click on rap text it brings up this contextual picture to a buyer picture toolbar menu our picture to a woman you and I want to do in front of text alright my pictures not the main focus a this handout seven ish trinket I just pull in from the corner and that resizes proportionately okay moving right along when it says double-spaced basically you’re hitting Enter two times case I have a double space it wants waiver and release of liability it once olive that centered well on let’s try to remove area let’s try that again so that was supposed to be a nine-point bold and to the right I said nothing sometimes even the teacher is stamped old be. okay fix that alright so I once waiver and release of liability assumption have risk indemnity and parental consent agreement for the hub once that in fourteen point bold k you’re going to double-spaced and take the paragraph just as it’s written it is let see justified so that’s a little bit different I’m a highlight the paragraph and the a.m. right here is justified basically it makes a straight line on the left and the right so just looks a little bit nicer kinda stretches out the paragraph so that makes nice lines devastating key the following left aligned can you take out the caps I don’t wanna retype it seven to change case need sentence case and 27 few errors to correct cover this release of liability an assumption of risk I saying it and saying it freely without any 1 forcing them to you basically okay show once this at left align and italicized so italicized make sure letter slant just a little bit double spacing key the following members left a line single space allow that underline to extend to the right margin without going to the next line cell.

I’m gonna pull these up I’m using the backspace and shift inner take it these to cooperate with the way that I want it to look okay so now I have all of my items lined up on one page hand let’s see number 12 says select the text and stepped 8 and changed all caps so 8 was waiver okay so my step a is already all caps and then step 10 should be all caps basically pointing out to the customer like hey you’ve read this so that is all caps and then the you’re gonna look for all cases up the herb now with a link the paragraph like this I’m not gonna trust myself to find them all Microsoft Word PowerPoint Excel have a fine future so I want to find them in the top right corner click Find and just okay actually I’m in a click find advanced I’d okay so don’t need that let me go back to you sorry about that advanced I’m I want the herb and it says basically it once everything that says the hub to be the her but in bold letters so I want our place the herb with the her but i wanna format it to be bold where’s bold stereo bold alright so we’re gonna find the have we’re gonna replace to have but make it bold and let’s see so I made seven replacements many clothes that and you can see right now the herb herb the herb herb those are all sticking out and basically it just it’s a really nice feature.

If you need to change something and and change the formatting at okay so the last thing we’re going to do is a text box so we’re gonna answer to text box K and we’re going to have these things im and they won a specific size so if you right click on the fair shape where is this I its click on text box it wants 1.75 wide and to wait two inches wide 1.75 wide so I’m gonna just push this let’s say 12 so it’s a little wide I’m just looking at my top ruler so again I 12 too wide and 1.75 hi so we have one its alright for a.m. paper sake because if I was a company wanting to print this I would want this on one page a little more I would let maybe go front to back if it spilled on the two pages and the document should fit on one page so many go ahead and kinda play with them at the margins and maybe see if i cant get that to squish just a little II their ego people would actually be writing in this little box what else can I change that C this should be 10 ok so I miss that a number nine it’s asking for size 10 okay that makes a difference and let’s see what else okay that looks pretty good for right now now it sits on one page and them me move this have just a little bit so it’s kinda matched up with my Ritter with my address information and so now it looks really good I have my sides justified I have capital letters centered I have this right aligned I have this italicized and single space between and here have a text box and we used find to get olive does changed without having to retake them so that is a waiver and release liability